Hey y’all, I’m Ammie!

I’m so glad that you’re here. Well really, that we’re both here together! Thanks to the online community over the years, I’ve been able to create a business that reflects my values as a person and say no to things & opportunities that don’t. Ammie Y’all believes in creating opportunities for connection, growth, and conversation. Whether you’re reading with the Large Print Book Club on Patreon, attending a PYOP industry class of mine, or sipping out of a mug I painted, I hope to leave you with a splash of magic.

Ammie Yall Values Inclusivity Expression Passion Encouragement Creativity


It’s at the core of all that I do. When dreaming up & designing products for my shop or memberships, I strive to reach outside of the box for new ideas or fresh takes on old ones.


Y’all means all! As a queer artist, I highly value welcoming & nurturing a community of folks that represent all walks of life. The more the merrier. 


Y’all studios is a safe place to be who you are, shine your light, and paint the rainbow whatever colors that speak to you.


Informing & empowering this community is the spark to my flame. I absolutely love teaching & helping people create something they didn’t think they could.


My passion for art & education is what got me here. The ability to share it with all of you is what truly keeps me going.

Ammie Williams Ceramic Artist and Paint Your Own Pottery Queen

I am a ceramic artist living in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from Dublin, Georgia (that explains the accent), I relocated to Atlanta in 2008 to attend Georgia State University (and go to concerts- there wasn’t much live music happening in Dublin) . I graduated in 2012 with a BFA in Art Education. I absolutely love teaching and helping people create something they didn’t think they could. I have been creating since I was a kid, and taking it seriously since I was 8 years old. I don’t know how to say no, and insist it’s a form of practicing creative problem solving instead of admitting I’m just addicted to chaos. When I’m not making art (am I ever?), I’m drinking coffee with exxxxtra ice (until it’s time for a martini), reading, watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, or practicing lettering. Sometimes all of those at once.

I love Instagram and connecting with all kinds of people all over the place. Never hesitate to say hey.

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